M.A.R.S (Marcellino Sain Architects Pty Ltd)  is a Sydney-based architecture & interior firm. M.A.R.S adopts a holistic approach to the process of design and development. A close and fruitful collaboration with clients, a rigorous design process and a tailored delivery guarantees that each project successfully responds to the requirements of the brief. At the core of the practice is an emphasis on creativity in design and diligence in process. Our diverse range of projects demonstrates our ability to adapt to our clients need and to develop a working dialogue that informs the design process. Creativity is the lifeblood of the practice - M.A.R.S seeks to develop unique and innovative designs that draw inspiration from the processes of nature, as well as from contemporary urban life. This creative design process is at the center of everything we do at M.A.R.S. We consistently seek to push the boundaries of what defines architecture and explore new ways of marrying form and function. Our past experience has demonstrated that innovative, yet timeless designs can be delivered within budgetary and time constraints. 


We provide full architectural and interior design services for the following building typologies:

  • Residential (New Built + Alteration/Addition)

  • Multi Residential (Duplex, Town Houses + High Rise)

  • Food & Beverage (Café, Bar + Restaurant)

  • Commercial & Retail (Office, Health/Medical Centre, Grocery, Supermarket, Beauty + Gym/Fitness)

  • Hospitality (Hotel, Resort + Hostel)

  • Education Centers (Play School, Cooking School + Tertiary/Training Center) 

  • Community / Religious Centers (Church + Gallery)

  • Heritage Adaptive Reuse (Residential, Commercial + Retail)

  • Industrial (Warehouses, Manufacturing / Factories + Commercial Kitchen)

Nominated Architect:

Marcellino Sain

NSW ARB 9024

NSW Design + Building Practitioner DEP 0002692


Suite 1, Level 8,

257 Clarence Street,

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
e: info@m-a-r-s.co 
t: +614 1207 1316


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